Youth & Family Centre

NCFC has roots in the heart of North Central Regina for the past 20 years and has built a trusting relationship amongst generations of families. Mothers and fathers who once attended programming at the Centre as a kid are now bringing their children. NCFC has offered a holistic approach to supporting the community, meeting people where they are at with a safe and loving environment where we foster belonging and empowerment.

We are local, grassroots, and supported by amazing people, partners, and grants.

The community hub on the main floor of the Orange Buffalo Lodge means that housing support program, employment programs and food distribution programs can all be operated from the hub at the new location.

The current Family Centre building was built over 20 years ago and is tired and in need of repairs. The vision is for the Centre to be rejuvenated and re-purposed to be solely a Youth and Family Centre.  The Hopes and Dreams vision is comprehensive and includes the affordable suites in the lodge, the community hub at the lodge, and the repurposed family centre to better accommodate the specific youth programming and the growth in the demand, and also ultimately to offer 24 / 7 safe place for youth.

North Central Family Centre views this as a comprehensive programming approach for aligning affordable suites with services being delivered out of the community hub along with food, employment, and other counselling, and a separate and youth and family centre just a short distance away.