The Community Hub @ Orange Buffalo Lodge

A change in thinking has led to NCFC receiving a CMHC grant of $6.6M in 2023 to complete a 30-unit affordable housing lodge.  Sask Housing Corporation has provided a grant of an additional $810,0000 and the City of Regina added two grants totalling $1.1M.

The new building (“Orange Buffalo Lodge”) is to open by the end of the year. The main floor is available to NCFC to develop into a 6000 square foot community hub with a community kitchen, laundromat, offices, community space, and food recovery storage.  These investments are not eligible under the grants received however are extremely important to the success of the affordable housing investment being made.

Laundry Lounge        A place for residents to do their laundry and interact. A potential social enterprise for a drycleaning business that could provide employment opportunities for residents and for the Building Employment through Skills and Training (BEST) Youth Program.
Support Services Centre A team of case workers and community partners  (mental health workers, public health nurse, nutritionist/dietician, first responders, Elders, mentors, various educators) who work to support residents and deliver programs and  services to the community.
Communal Kitchen  A vital hub for fostering a sense of community and promoting overall well-being. A place for residents to learn and develop culinary skills, host cooking classes, nutrition workshops, and demonstrations to empower residents with the knowledge and tools to make healthy and affordable meals. It is designed to serve multiple functions and can double as a gathering space for community events, meetings, and celebrations, creating a versatile and dynamic environment.
Multi-Purpose CentreA versatile space that aims to create a vibrant and inclusive community that meets the diverse needs of the residents. It is designed to bring people together, foster a sense of community, and provide essential services and resources. The hub will bring together community partners and volunteers to offer social and recreational activities; educational and skill building programs; community services such as health clinics or giveaways; employment support; cultural and artistic expression; events, meetings, celebrations and gathering spaces.
Communal Meeting AreaThis is a perfect place for people to gather, socialize, and enjoy refreshments and meals together. A place for residents to have meetings, or enjoy the company of a visitor. There will be diverse seating options such as booths, couches, and tables.
24/7 Support On-site and NearbyThe space will be well activated throughout the days with programming and support staff. The intention is to have an overnight ambassador/security guard to provide a sense of safety to the residents and deter opportunities for crime. A good partnership with mental health teams and first responders can assist in the safety of community members, the building and its residents.