Hopes & Dreams Campaign

Empowering Our Community Through Your Support

For over two decades, the North Central Family Centre (NCFC) has been a cornerstone in Regina’s North Central neighbourhood, fostering deep trust and understanding with local families and youth. Our commitment is to provide a safe, welcoming space for afterschool activities, meals, employment readiness, and housing support. Today, as we venture into the future with ambitious projects underway, we invite you to join our transformative Hopes & Dreams campaign. Help us get to the finish line.

Why “Hopes & Dreams”?

The Hopes & Dreams campaign is a pivotal step in NCFC’s evolution, aiming to raise $4 million to significantly enhance local facilities and services. This initiative will enable us to offer more comprehensive support and create lasting change in our community.

Why Your Support Matters:

Building the Orange Buffalo Lodge and the Community Hub:

A new 30-unit affordable housing development with a community hub to provide holistic support services.  On the main floor of the lodge will be 6000 square feet for a community hub housing services, a Communal kitchen, laundromat, and community spaces.

Revitalizing Our Space:

Transforming our current facility into a dedicated Youth and Family Centre, focusing on nurturing potential and fostering resilience.

How You Can Help

Join us in making this vision a reality. Every contribution, big or small, helps us move closer to achieving our collective dreams. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Donate: Every dollar counts! Donate today and become a part of our community’s growth.
  • Volunteer: Give the gift of your time. Our volunteers are the backbone of our efforts and make a real difference.
  • Spread the Word: Help us reach more people with our message. Share our story and the “Hopes & Dreams” campaign with friends, family, and colleagues.

Donations are tax-deductible, and every dollar goes directly towards building a brighter future for North Central Regina.

Together, we can build a future filled with hope and prosperity. Support the “Hopes & Dreams” campaign and be a part of something truly transformational.

South Sask Community Foundation: as a Partner NCFC has established in partnership with South Sask Community Foundation two funds, the Hopes and Dreams Fund to make this vision a reality, and a NCFC Legacy Fund to support long term program development and delivery and sustainability.

More information on SSCF can be found here:  sscf.ca.

Donate by Cheque: All cheques must be made payable to ‘Hopes & Dreams Fund’ Donations by cheque can be sent to: North Central Family Centre 2931 5th Avenue Regina, SK S4T 0L4

Online Donations: You can make online donations to the Hopes & Dreams Fund at www.ncfc.ca/donate Scan this QR code to go directly to the page:

E-Transfer Donations: We now accept e-transfers for donations of $25,000 or less. To send donations via e-transfer, please send to finance@sscf.ca. Your donation tax receipt will be sent to the information provided in the e-transfer memo. South Sask Community Foundation is set up for automatic deposit, and no security question will be required. It is essential to add a memo/note including the donor name, phone number, email address, and the fund being donated towards prior to sending the e-transfer.

Major Donations, Naming Rights and Sponsorship: Perhaps you are an individual, foundation or business interested in a major donation, or the opportunities for naming rights and sponsorships. Learn more about the Hopes and Dreams Fund, the work of NCFC, the journey to long term sustainability as a social enterprise, and the vision for an inclusive community, by contacting us for more information, to meet, or to visit the centre: Kim Wenger, Executive Director, NCFC: executive.director@ncfc.ca | 306 201 5671 or Doug McNair, Hopes and Dreams Chair, NCFC Volunteer: doug@mcnair.ca | 306 537 6223

Gifts for Legacy Fund for Long-Term Sustainability: Do you have unique ways to give or are out interested in a legacy gift? We can assist with gifts including property, inheritances, stocks, shares, mutual funds, RRSPs, and more. NCFC can work with you and South Saskatchewan Community Foundation to help you find out how. Learn more about the NCFC Legacy Fund and give a gift of long term annual returns to fund programs and operations by contacting us for more information, to meet, or to visit the centre: Kim Wenger, Executive Director at executive.director@ncfc.ca or 306 201 5671 or Doug McNair, Hopes and Dreams Chair, NCFC Volunteer: doug@mcnair.ca | 306 537 6223